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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Bryce born around January 16, 1998 and passed away on December 21, 2008. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

You were a very special companion. From your unconditional love to all of your deviousness. You were one smart cookie. From your first puppy kiss to your last, you are sorely missed and that will never end.

Bryce you were the ultimate cuddle buddy. You so loved to cuddle and tuck yourself completely under the covers at night. So many times we had to tell you to get off the counter, stop licking the dishes as we put them in the dishwasher, chasing you down the street when you got out of the house (playing catch me if you can), constanty nudging me to rub you from head to toe and in the end having to clean up all your mishaps 5 - 8 times a day.

We would give anything to have that all back.

We so miss hearing the tap, tap, tap of your feet on the hardwood floors, your barking near the window as other puppies or kitties would walk by the house, you staring at us when it was time to eat, feeling how soft you were and giving you constant tummy, ear and neck rubs.

You will be forever in our hearts and our pain is very deep to have you gone.

Your last few days on this earth were very painful and we are so sorry you had to go through that. We truly thought that you would get better and We are still very sad at how fast your body decided to shut you down and take you away from us. We know that we did the right thing for you baby; letting you go.

We never realized how hard it would be to hold you and watch you quickly go lifeless in our arms. As painful as it was for us, we knew we had to be there to comfort you in your last moments that it would be okay.

We are glad that we had the chance to take you to Dog's Beach one last time before we had to let you go. Even though I (Jef) had to carry you because your body just couldn't hold you up anymore. I am so sorry that we didn't go there more often. How you loved playing in the water with all the other dogs, and always looking back to make sure the Dad's were still there to be with you.

I remember just hours before you were gone, I told you that you better come visit me. And you listened to your dad very well (for once you obeyed me) Such a good boy. I will never forget the dream that night. Your spirit body jumped up on the bed, wagging your tail incessantly. You kissed me and kissed me and told me that you were okay and everything was allright. I took your other Daddies hand and put it on you and I asked him, "Can you feel him? He is here" and he said yes. I could actually feel you one last time. So soft and the kisses and your happiness were so infectious and made my heart jump with so much happiness and joy.

I know that your sister Emily, wasn't the nicest while you were here, but rest assured, she misses you. It took her a few days, but now she realizes you are gone. She whimpers, crys, mopes and is somewhat distant. She is sorry Bryce. She loves you with all of her heart, and wishes she could take it all back, just too show you her deepest love.

God will take care of you, and we will see you again soon. So take care of yourself, and be a good boy okay? I know that your devious ways will test those that are around you, but they will love you unconditionally as we did.


You are the most handsomest Dalmatian we have ever layed eyes on. You come visit us from time to time...

Love your Dad's......

Jef & Matt

Latest Memories
Grandma Joann
My dearest Bryce, how very happy you made Jef and Matt.  You are a beautiful Dalmation!  Your spots are so beautiful.  And, your face, so adorable.  I was a little frightened when you would leap on me, as I had never been around big dogs before, but Jef taught me how to defend myself.  I hope you will forgive all the loud BRYCE's that you heard.  I know you just wanted attention.  I am sure you know that you were loved, and the cuddling was always enjoyed!  Have a great time until we all meet again.